Testing Service

1. Quality test on cleaning equipments

We provide a particle generation test service on most of the testable cleaning equipments and the products for clean room.

[Service fee] Send us a sample so we will inform you the cost of service after considering testability and the degree of difficulty of the sample you have sent.

1. Cleanroom Wipers
2. Cleanroom Garment - Smock
3. Dustproof Face Masks
4. Cleanroom Gloves

As a result of the particle generation test on two kinds of globes for clean room (For Class1 to 100) on sale,
we have found a product of 30,000~ 40,000 ea/cft and that generating more than a million particles.

5. Clean Paper, Clean Note
6. Finger Cots
7. Dustproof Shoes , Shoe Covers
8. Dustproof Caps, Head Covers
9. Swabs
10. Packing Bag
11. Cotton Pieces for Cleaning
12. Other items than the above list are also negotiable for a test when requested.

We have developed a high sensitive particle testing machine which have also been distributed to Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix and it is installed and being operated in a laboratory of our company.

* OLOO is the only company in the world where performs tests with super-high cleanliness test methods of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix in Korea. *

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2. Clean room quality assessment

1. Assessment of cleanliness and measurement of particles
2. Measurement of wind velocity
3. Measurement of differential pressure
4. Measurement of temperature and humidity
5. Measurement of vibration

[Test Inquiry] Telephone: 0082-70-8233-7767 ?? Online Inquiry: Click here.