Particle Detection/Clean System - Particle Pro M2000

0.1 um Particle Controlled Auto Loading


- Inspection of particle from parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment/ cleaning complex device
   Hole forming parts (Shower Head and Cathode, etc.)
- Realization of close to zero in the background particle level
- Easy to change the flow of fluid using the pressurized spraying mode/ absorption mode/ combination mode
- Easy to set and adjust the condition for each sample by applying the computer recipe
- Control of auto loading/unloading/nozzle height
  * The specification above and the image of product are subject to change for improvement without any prior notice.

Applications - Target sample

- Inspection of ShowerHead hole and surface particle
- Inspection of Cathode hole and surface particle

Applications - Field/companies

- Manufacturer of semiconductor elements: Inspection prior to the installation of parts to equipment
- Manufacturer of parts for semiconductor equipment: incoming inspection/ shipping inspection /dry cleaning
- Cleaning of parts: Inspection before and after cleaning/ In-process inspection/ shipping inspection /dry cleaning
  * Registration of patent (1014832240000)

Basic Specifications

- Sensitivity : Detection of particles of 0.1 um or bigger
- Power : 220 v (50 Hz, 60 Hz) 15 A (single phase)
- Utility Gas : N2 (1/4???), Compressed Air (Filtered 1/4???)
- Chamber : Class 1 Background level
- Particle Sensor : 0.1 um (Particle Sensor embedded)
- Dimension :Main Body : 1560mm (w) x 1200mm(d) x 1700 mm(h) 350kg