Auto Tumblers Particle House OTUM-800

Particle Testing System - Particle House OTUM-800


- Economical model with semiautomatic system
- Almost realized zero level of background particles
- As it can test one piece of small sample such as a disposable mask or wiper so it has distinction ability and saves a great amount of test cost.
- Three entrances for particle sample installed
- Fast chamber cleaning with a cleaning mode under computer control
- Applied patented unique structure (Patent registration completed in Aug. 2010)
- Service condition: Highly clean clean-room above Class 100
- Remote diagnosis function-Fast A/S available, minimized downtime (Beta)
- Lowered background level compared to the previous series
- Testability of samples in a larger size than that testable in the previous series
- The error caused from an entanglement of sample has been minimized with drum's bidirectional rotation.
(Particle calculating machine is also purchasable separately)
-Upgradable to an automatic model by adding an automation module after a purchase (additional cost)
-The connection of a particle calculating machine can be installed on the left or the right side of the machine (request when purchasing)


- Overall quality management of the cleaning materials and materials for clean room
- Assessment of the particle pollution level of various materials and consumable supplies for clean room and consumable supplies for process work / Import inspection / Quality certification / Product development / Process control

Applicable industry fields

- Semiconductor industry
- Information display (LCD, OLED, Flat Panel, transparent display, etc.) industry
- Sunlight industry
- Medicine manufacture, medicine, medical care and health care related industry
- Aerospace industry ( Aerospace, Air plane )
- Food industry
- Bio industry
- Electronics industry
- Precise munitions industry
- Wash of the clothes for clean room, dustproof and dust-free wear
- Manufacture industry of materials for clean room
- Clothing industry
- Industry of materials for producing cleaning materials such as cleaning cloth
- Industry of packing materials