SUP series Software Upgrade Package for OTUM 800, 800C, 900

Automatic control of particle counter, report creation and automatic calculation


- Upgraded version of OTUM 800 / 800C / 900 model.
- For purchasing programs according to a change of particle counter
- Automated data processing of particle counter
- Automatic conversion of particle count of the sample / background
- Providing programs suitable for the feature of particle counter
- Providing recipe setup function
- Providing report function

List of the programs on sale (Please make a separate inquiry about a supply price)

Particle Counters Particle Counters
Maker Model Spec Interface
SUP-P-LAS110 Particle Measuring Systems LAS AIR II 110 0.1 um 1.0 CFM RS 232 C
SUP-M-3413 Metone 3413 0.3 um 1.0 CFM RS 485
SUP-M-237B Metone 237B 0.3 um 0.1 CFM RS 232 C
SUP-T-9110 TSI 9110 0.1 um 1.0 CFM Ethernet

- Please make a separate inquiry about other particle counters (A particle counter where computer interface is embedded can be developed separately)
- Semiautomatic programs and existing automatic programs can all be installed together and can be selected and used according to the particle counters