Tumblers Particle House OTUM-600-helmke

Particle House OTUM-600-helmke Series ( Model: 600-Helmke, 601-Helmke )

Tumbling particle tester complied with IES-RP-CC 3.3 standard size ( Helmke Drum )


- The Tumbling particle-generating tester complied with the standard size of IES-RP-CC 3.3 (Helmke Drum)
- Test on dustproof wear
- It controls the background particle to the lowest level among other Helmke Drum particle-generating testers. (MODEL 601-helmke Jan. 2014 present)
- Its fully automated system performs tests, calculations and report printings at once (MODEL 601-helmke Jan. 2014 present)
- Equipped with self-chamber cleaning system? (MODEL 601-helmke Jan. 2014 present)


- Tests on the particle and dust generation rate of dustproof (dust-free) wear
- Tests for discovering a source of pollution of dustproof (dust-free) wear and establishing measures
- 0.3 um particle controlled

Applicable industry fields

- Semiconductor industry
- Information display (LCD, OLED, Flat Panel, transparent display, etc.) industry
- Sunlight industry
- Medicine manufacture, medicine, medical care and health care related industry
- Aerospace industry ( Aerospace, Air plane )
- Food industry
- Bio industry
- Electronics industry
- Precise munitions industry
- Wash of the clothes for clean room, dustproof and dust-free wear
- Manufacture industry of materials for clean room
- Clothing industry
- Industry of materials for producing cleaning materials such as cleaning cloth
- Industry of packing materials