Testing Tools

OLOO company, on the basis of its experiences in pollution control equipments and analysis of such in semiconductor industry and flat display industry for many years, manufactures and provides the following equipments with receiving orders of equipments for a pollution control of clean rooms. OLOO company recommends equipments suitable for the condition of customer companies and also supply imports.

- Name of model: GL 5 : A tester for testing the pollution level of the components used for Gas lines (filter, valve, fitting, regulator, air gun, etc.)
- An automatic test connected to a particle counter and computer is available.
- Name of model: WB 300 / WB 400 - Wet Clean System : A cleansing equipment composed of ultrasonic waves, acid and alkali that
   cleans various testing tools including impinger (WB 300??? composed of three kinds of liquid, WB 400
- composed of four kinds of liquid)
- Special jig and recipe for cleaning impinger is provided separately.
- Name of model : LCB series : Clean bench for an analytical laboratory of pollution control (Clean bench, Clean booth series)
- Clean bench and booth are order-made suitable for the request of the customers.
- Name of model : FE 2000
- A filter efficiency tester: A tester that examines the filter efficiency of particles of cleaning equipments such as fabric of dustproof wear and mask.
- An automatic test connected to a particle counter and computer is available.
- Taber abrasion resistance Tester : Taber company and interchangeable equipments
- Name of model: LT 60 - A filter to test a generation of lint from wipers and dustproof wear for clean room, tester set including a shaker
- Name of model: OG 700 - A sampler for an out-gassing test on various kinds of equipments and materials for clean room
- Name of model: Water Repellent Tester for Filters - A water repellent tester designed on the basis of Military Standard.
- Wind Tunnel and Wind Tunnel Tester : For correcting an anemometer, tests on HEPA / ULPA filtering rate, a comparative correcting tester
   of particle counter is to be manufactured and provided.
- An automatic test connected to a particle counter and computer is available.
- Particle applying equipment for the surface of water and masks
- A machine where various samples such as PSL in case of particle and metal ingredients are manufacturable.
- A machine for analyzing the air current of clean room
- Static meters and a decay time measuring instrument for assessing the performance of ionizer
- Particle Counter kinds
- Anemometers and temperature-humidity measuring devices
- Other gas and environmental analytical