Auto Tumblers Particle House T Series

Particle Testing System Particle House T Series

Model name functions
T800 Basic type (specific for inspection of the laundry of dust-proof clothes), Level 1 and automatic reporting (Text)
T801 Function of T800 + Level 2 sensitivity
T802 Function of T801 + automatic control of particle counter + automatic reporting (Excel, automatic conversion and graph)
T800 Shoe Specific for the dust-proof shoes
T1200 Level 4 sensitivity, automatic control of particle counter, automatic reporting (Excel), automatic conversion


- High performance testing device with full automation
- Realization of making the background particle level close to zero
- Even 1 small sample such as disposal mask or wiper can be tested so that the expenses for testing can be significantly reduced
- The rapid cleaning of chamber is possible due to introduction of computer controlled cleaning mode
- As it has three holes for fixing the sample particles, the various devices can be connected at the same time.
- Patented unique structure is adopted (the patent registration is completed in Aug. 2010).
- Conditions of use: High level clean room with Class 100 or higher
- Lowered background level compared to our existing series
- The testing of more voluminous sample than our existing series is possible
- Error arising from the folding of sample caused by the rotation of drums in opposite directions is minimized.


- Overall quality control for cleaning products and materials for clean room
- Evaluation of particle contamination on the materials, consumables and process consumables for clean room / Incoming inspection / quality certification / product development / process control

Specifications (See the separate page for details on specification)

- Dimension : Main Body :800mm (w) x 1150 mm(d) x 1800 mm(h) 350kg
- Power : 220 v (50 Hz, 60 Hz) 15 A ( ???? )
- Gas : N2 or Compressed Air ( > 0.4 Mpa )
- Drum : 10 ~ 60 rpm ( Max 100) / Bidirectional ( CW and CCW )

  T 800 T 801 T 802 T 1200
Automation Full Auto   Full Auto Full Auto/High Performance
Testing Type Tumbling
Particle Counter Control RS232, Ethernet RS232, Ethernet RS232, RS485, Ethernet RS232, RS485, Ethernet
Sensitivity Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 2 Mode 4 Mode Auto(High, Medium, Standard, Low)
Reporting Reporting / Saving Text File Report Reporting / Auto Calculation Excel File Report
Body 1 Body
Chamber Air Auto Control None 1 Flow Control Unit 1 Flow Control Unit 2 Flow Control Unit
Air Sampling Unit None Included(1Point), 3Point(Option)
Cleaning Mode STD Mode Standard + Quick Clean Mode
No. of Control Recipes Unlimited
Control Software TOS V1 TOS V1 TOS V2 TOS V3(Trend DB ????)
Dual Monitor Option 1 Main(Touch), 1LCD(nON tOUCH)
Key Board Keyboard(Ball Mouse Included)+Arm Keyboard+Pad Mouse
Sampling Outlets 3 Outlets
Nozzle Jet Testing N/A 1 Nozzle
LAN / Network Ethernet 1000 MBPS
Drum Speed 20~60 rpm(max 100 rpm), (Otum 800-Shoe: 10~30 rpm)
Drum Spin. Direction Bidirectional(CW, CCW)
Communication (PC to Body: RS 232C)
Power 208~220v / 15A / Single Phase (50~60 Hz)
FFU ULPA Filter, 15 CMM(Max)
Max. Sample Weight 1Kg, 2kg(Otum800-shoe)
Computer 15 inch Touch Panel PC
Dual Core 1 Ghz
1GB Memory
3 Serials
1 RGB Video Port
2 Ethernet Ports
4 USB Ports